It’s been a while since I wrote anything here and a very, very long time since I wrote in English. My language. Looking back through my old posts brings to mind a time when the words danced easily for me, and I danced with them. When did that change? And why? More than a sudden turning point, it was perhaps a slow, creeping tiredness, a brooding disillusionment with the power of words and letters to leave the page, or screen, and reach out. Long before the advent of the so-called “social” media, ever since my first naïve approaches, my relationship with the virtual world has fluctuated between love and hate, between the desire, the need, to communicate and a sense of frustration at the sheer ephemeral, unsettling, unreality of it all.

I’ve come and gone, but always returned. I’ve bounced with enthusiasm and shuddered with revulsion. My approach has changed so many times, without continuity, without coherence. And much of it is here in this “legacy” blog, some in Italian, some in English. Some images, some words. A wandering in the vain search of a destination.

So has my rambling at last found a purpose? Who knows. But I hope that by gathering up all the fragments of what was and has been and putting them away here, the way ahead will maybe, just maybe, become clearer.

All the past changes mean there may well be technical problems displaying some of these posts. Sorry, but I won’t be sorting them out, so I’d recommend a shrug and just move on. Hope you still manage to find something to enjoy. So… goodbye and hello.